Operation Absorb strikes again in Pill

This week (Monday 4th September 2017) our Newport West officers carried out the third part of a unique operation aimed at improving the quality of life for those living, working and visiting Pill.

Operation Absorb was set up to help to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour such as street drinking, drug misuse and intimidating gangs in the area.

Throughout the week our officers carried out spot checks on businesses and vehicles alongside our partners such as the local authority, DVSA, HMRC, Immigration and Trading Standards to name a few.

Officers then went on to host an intense evening of action by monitoring the 'hot spot' areas in Pill where the majority of crimes have been recognised and reported.

The neighbourhood team also helped to assist with collecting outstanding fines along with a number of stop and searches by officers out on patrol.

There was also a litter pick in the area and a number of engagement opportunities where our mobile police station was out and about offering crime prevention advice and listening to local residents concerns.

The multi-agency action week also helped our officers to raise awareness of the recently implemented Public Space Protection Order.

The order, which was introduced in July this year, aims to improve the quality of the lives of the community in Pill, by giving officers more powers to tackle behaviours that concern local residents.

A breach of the order is a criminal offence and can be dealt with by issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of up to £100 or a fine of up to £1,000 on prosecution through the courts.

Results from the operation are as follows:

4th Sept 2017

Our officers held a multi-agency operation near to Tredegar Park in Newport where thirty vehicles were checked, two drivers were reported for no insurance, two vehicles were seized and one driver was arrested for disqualified driving.

Our partners, the DVSA gave six drivers Prohibition Notices, HMRC dip tested twenty seven vehicles, and Licencing checked eight taxis with one given an improvement notice.

HMRC's Hidden Economy department also completed thirty four questionnaires and Immigration enforcement had thorough conversations with ten people, helping both teams to gather crucial information.

The local authority's Waste Management Department also checked four waste carrying licences, to ensure they were up to date and legal.

5th Sep 2017

We helped to organise a joint operation with our officers, Trading Standards and Immigration to execute a number of warrants in the Pill area.

Trading standards seized and advised on many produce which was incorrectly labelled, officers also checked for any illegal produce including food for sale which was out of date.

Unlicensed fireworks and tablets were also seized and sent for analysis along with Immigration officers carrying out simultaneous checks on those working and living in the premises.

Officers went on to hold an evening operation to disrupt anti-social behaviour and drug supply in the Pill area, no offenders were arrested however information was gathered and local residents were reassured.

6th Sep 2017

Our local neighbourhood team took part in the Queen's baton relay through the streets of Pill, with a focus on community engagement.

We then held a joint operation with HMCS (Her Majesty's Court Service) and their fines officers.

Many addresses were checked with fines were collected, resulting in one arrested and Cannabis plants discovered.

7th Sep 2017

Joint operation in the Pill area with the following agencies.

Partners involved on the day:

· Gwent Police

· Newport County Council

· South Wales Fire and Rescue

· Pride in Pill - including residents

· Gwent Drug and Alcohol Service

· The Wallich

· Newport City Homes

· Pill Millennium Centre

· Tracey Holyoake Ward - a local Councillor

· Newport City Radio

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service alongside Environmental Health from Newport County Council conducted fire and safety checks on a number of addresses in the Pill area advising on fire escape access, alarm systems and other safety and wellbeing issues.

Community group, Pride in Pill undertook a litter pick of the area and disposed of six black bags full of rubbish.

Sixteen tickets were issued by our officers for parking offences in Pill, with two vans seized on Commercial Road for no insurance, no tax and false unregistered plates.

Newport West local Inspector Paul Davies said: "Operation Absorb, aims to ensure that people living, working or visiting Pill feel reassured that their local policing team is delivering a quality of service that is consistent and recognisable to their needs. 

The multi-agency approach is being delivered through engagement, education and enforcement to tackle issues of concern that have been highlighted by local residents.

The PSPO used is to protect the public from behaviour that is having, or is likely to have, a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the local area.

This is our third operation of the nature which will continue in the near future to ensure momentum is sustained and criminality is disrupted as much as possible.

I'd also like to thank our partners who assisted us with the planning and enforcement of this operation; together we can make a difference.

The support and positive reaction from our local community as a result of this action has been overwhelming.

We'd like to encourage our communities to continue to work with us to reduce crime in our area by calling us in confidence on 101, 999 in an emergency or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.''

Neighbourhood Sergeant for Newport West Hannah Lawton said: "This has been a busy, proactive week with a great deal of determination shown by all to improving the Pillgwenlly ward for those who live, work and visit here.

This is an on-going process but one which I hope shows the community that we are committed to working towards dealing with the issues they face. We are listening and responding in a way which we believe provides a long-term, sustainable approach.

Thank you once again to the community for the support and drive they continue to demonstrate, it is hugely appreciated and vital in the work that is being done."